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My Most Used Cron Commands for Mac
Mar 22, 2024166 views1 min read
Find unused components with eslint in Next.js
Mar 12, 202426 views1 min read
On Writing Well: Book Notes
Mar 7, 202450 views2 min read
Stripe OAuth with Next.js 14
Mar 1, 2024113 views2 min read
Add Social Media Analytics
Feb 22, 202425 views1 min read
Next.js 14 Blog w/ View Counter and Minute Read
Feb 11, 2024696 views4 min read
The Right Way to Stack the Perfect Hamburger (or Sandwich)
Feb 3, 202422 views2 min read
Why Do Cats Purr?
Feb 3, 202421 views2 min read
Why Does "Smoke" Come Out of Your Mouth in Cold Weather?
Feb 3, 202419 views2 min read
Understanding Convex Functions
Jan 25, 2024136 views2 min read
My Most Used Git Commands
Jan 9, 202452 views1 min read
An Alternative to Vercel
Nov 6, 202338 views4 min read
Why I Pivoted from Hardware to Software
Oct 2, 202314 views4 min read
How to Build a Product, Not a Project
Oct 1, 202323 views6 min read
Don't take life too seriously
Aug 3, 202311 views2 min read
Jun 24, 202315 views1 min read
Stop to smell the flowers
Jun 23, 20239 views2 min read
A mind of a procrastinator
Jun 22, 202310 views2 min read
The fluctuating nature of friendships
Jun 21, 20235 views1 min read
Constantly refactoring code
Jun 20, 202310 views2 min read
Writing is hard
Jun 19, 20237 views1 min read
The time I almost got attacked by dogs in Turkey
Jun 18, 20233 views3 min read
Lost my phone
Jun 17, 20238 views2 min read
A nice surprise
Jun 16, 20238 views2 min read
Get better at asking questions
Jun 15, 20233 views1 min read
Unfinished side projects
Jun 14, 20239 views2 min read
Why I don't like my birthday
Jun 13, 20236 views2 min read
Maintaining relationships
Jun 12, 20234 views1 min read
Going back to school
Jun 11, 20237 views1 min read
Don't lose hope
Jun 10, 20237 views2 min read
Jun 8, 20235 views1 min read
I broke my streak
Jun 8, 20233 views2 min read
How to handle criticism
Jun 6, 20233 views3 min read
How I plan my day
Jun 5, 20236 views2 min read
Do what scares you
Jun 4, 20234 views2 min read
2000's vs 2020's
Jun 3, 20238 views2 min read
Pets are the best
Jun 2, 20234 views3 min read
Stop saying sorry
Jun 1, 20234 views2 min read
I don't want ted lasso to end
May 31, 20232 views2 min read
Just do it
May 30, 20236 views2 min read
Babies and old people
May 29, 20233 views2 min read
Consistency is key
May 28, 20233 views2 min read
Midnight leftovers
May 27, 20233 views2 min read
The soul sucking side of software
May 26, 202310 views3 min read
I don't know what i'm doing with my life
May 25, 20238 views3 min read
In too deep mentally, blurry vision conversations
May 25, 20233 views2 min read
Validation Libraries: Zod vs. Yup
May 23, 20232 views3 min read
TypeScript: type vs interface
Apr 30, 20236 views4 min read
Apr 27, 20236 views3 min read
Authentication: Auth0, NextAuth
Apr 27, 202310 views3 min read
Package Managers: npm, yarn, pnpm and bun
Apr 27, 20237 views3 min read
Typescript: When to use .ts vs .tsx
Apr 27, 202315 views3 min read
React Form Management: React hook form vs. Formik
Apr 25, 20237 views4 min read
State Management: Redux
Apr 12, 20235 views3 min read
Setting up the Google Provider in T3 Stack
Apr 7, 202325 views5 min read